Panther Playoff Ticket Sales are Limited

by Ramonica R. Jones

A lot of East Texans are thinking about football. Tickets for this weekend's Lufkin Panther playoff game went on sale Wednesday morning, and demand for those football tickets is high.

When the bus barn opened at 6:30 a.m., there was already a line of Panther fans waiting. The line was long, but ticket sales went smoothly.

The L.I.S.D. ticket office will reopen at 7:00 Thursday morning and again on Friday. Ticket sales stop at 5 p.m.

Joe Stovall drove from Diboll Wednesday morning to get tickets to the game. Like hundreds of other football fans, he waited in line for almost half an hour. For Joe, the wait was worth it.

"They're a county team, and I was born in Lufkin 61 years ago," Stovall said. "I always support the local teams, and I got a feeling the Panthers are going to do a number on them people from Southlake Carroll. I'll be there pulling for them all the way."

The Lufkin I.S.D. ticket office thought it would have an unlimited amount of tickets to sell for Saturday's game. That was until they got word from SFA. Homer Bryce Stadium only has seating for about 14,000 people.

Ticket manager Barbara Davis said, "This is SFA. They set the limits for us. They tell us that their stadium holds 14,000. They gave Southlake Carroll 7,500 allotment and us 7,500 allotment, and everything else will be at the gate Saturday, starting at 10:30 a.m."

Less than four hours after sales started Wednesday morning, the bus barn ran out of student tickets. It won't take long before they run completely out of all tickets.

"I had to start out with 6,000 adults, and I probably have, maybe, 1,200 left, and then that's all that we'll be allowed to sell unless they come up with something else," said Davis.

Once tickets run out at the ticket office, you can purchase them at the stadium for $10. Ticket sales start again Thursday at 7 a.m. There's a limit of six tickets per person.

The Lufkin school district will provide shuttle bus service to and from this weekend's game. The buses will leave Lufkin Middle School at 9:30 a.m. Saturday and return immediately after the game.

The cost to ride is only one dollar.