Salvation Army is Getting Hit Hard

As a 2-year-old donates money to one of Salvation Army's red kettles, he may not quite understand why he is giving money, but he is enjoying it.

Barbara Morton, the boy's mother, said, "It's just part of Christmas. We just put money in every time we go by."

Outside Wal-Mart, bell ringers are encouraging East Texans to donate, and inside there are two trees filled with angels waiting to be adopted.

Renea Wilson, a caseworker, said, "There are trees that are still full, but miracles can still happen before Saturday."

To help with donations, Wal-Mart is stepping up. The retailer even doubled the time for the red kettles to be outside.

Phyllis McDaniel, a Wal-Mart manager, said, "We have announced that we are going to match up to $3 million."

A lot of East Texans are donating and adopting, but Salvation Army representatives know some people may have "donor fatigue" this season.