Missing Couple Arrested

The search for the couple connected with the death of a Nacogdoches toddler has been going on for weeks, but the takedown only took a matter of hours. Amber McEntire and Darrel Yates III are now in custody.

New information about where McEntire and Yates were led to the arrest. That, combined with improved efforts by Mexican state police, led to an arrest Wednesday afternoon.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss explained, "The state police were able to use that information to begin to track our suspects and actually track them to a border [crossing] between Matamoros and Brownsville. As they attempted to cross the border, customs officials were able to detain the suspects long enough to verify their identity. Matomoros state police then contacted us. We, in turn, contacted Cameron County and Texas Rangers who went to the border and intercepted our suspects."

A Texas Ranger and a sheriff's deputy will fly to Brownsville in a state plane Thursday morning. The couple should be back in Nacogdoches by Thursday night. For now, they'll be charged with injury to a child.

McEntire's son, Harold Harris, was found dead October near the home where he lived in Nacogdoches County.

Pam Martin, the paternal grandmother, was attending church when she received the telephone call, notifying her that the couple had been found. "The arrest is just opening up the third step. The first step was finding my grandchild, and step two was finding Yates and McEntire. It's going to be hard to go through this. I don't expect to believe anything they tell us, but continue to pray for the McEntire family", says Martin.