Natural Gas Outage in Crockett

Early this morning, CenterPoint Energy experienced an equipment failure at the point where the company receives natural gas from its supplier in Crockett, causing the loss of gas service to its 2,200 customers in the area.

"At this time, about 100 service technicians from East Texas and the Houston area are in the process of turning off the flow of gas to each customer's natural gas meter, " said John Seale, CenterPoint Energy area manager.  "We will then purge the system to ensure that the natural gas distribution lines are clear of air.  Once the lines are purged, we will begin the process of going home to home to restore gas service to each customer."

For safety reasons , the company urges customers not to turn any valves or tamper with the natural gas meter.  Opening or turning any valves could allow air to enter the natural gas lines, which would hinder the re-pressurization process.

The company estimates that the majority of the customers will have service restored by 6 p.m. Friday.