Finding Fugitives Isn't Always Easy

Twenty-year-old Ulises Tapia of Lufkin is wanted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, among other things. Investigators believe he shot another man last spring. He hasn't been seen since.

Tapia is one of several fugitives from East Texas who continue to elude police.

Lufkin police lieutenant Greg Denman said, "They're going to reveal themselves in some way; whether it's by use of a credit card - maybe with their name on it - or something that they might have to leave a fingerprint for."

Police don't just rely on local law enforcement to track down criminals. The names of wanted fugitives are also listed in a national database.

"National Crime Information Center and the Texas Crime Information Center - those two databases are international for that matter. There's always that name out there in the computer. There's always that picture on file."

Criminals who leave the country are often harder to find. The farther they are away from home, the less likely they are to be recognized. No matter how long they hide from the law, most will eventually be caught. They'll usually confide in someone, leading authorities to their trail.

There are several criminals on the run from Lufkin and surrounding areas. If you know where any of them are, call Crimestoppers, your local police department, or the sheriff's office.