Football Expected To Bring Revenue To City

When Lufkin Panther fans and Southlake Carol Green Dragon fans cheer, so will the Nacogdoches owners of hotels, gas stations, and restaurants. Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Pam Fitch got word of the game's playing location just last week. "We have been working all week to get the information out to the restaurants, the hotels and as any of the service industries locally that we could so they could be prepared and know."

Two hotels were full Friday night. An added bonus since typically the hotel business is slow during the weeks after Thanksgiving. Fitch said, "It is a two o'clock game, so by the time the game is over it's going to be a little later in the afternoon. Of course, it gets darker early, so hopefully they'll just say, 'Let's not drive home in the dark. Let's just go ahead and make a weekend of it in Nacogdoches.'"

SFA has hosted plenty of big high school games in the past. Schools are charged $4,000 for the stadium, plus miscellaneous service charges. Even so expenses are barely covered. The big payoff comes through recruiting. The visit from two high achieving schools is a recruiters Christmas wish. Registrar Monique Cossich said, "these are the students who we want. Those students who are involved in their high school. Those students who are excelling in a particular area, who are supporting their team. Those are the kind of students we want. Those are the kind of students who fit well into our campus environment."

Nacogdoches residents are encouraged to take the population boom to their city in stride. Yes, there will be more traffic. Yes, there will waits in local restaurants, but like all company they sooner or later go home.