Convicted Killer Found Guilty of Kidnapping

by Ramonica R. Jones

A convicted killer who led East Texas authorities on a massive manhunt has been found guilty of federal kidnapping charges.

Scott Eizember kidnapped Dr. Samuel Peebles and his wife, then made them drive all the way to East Texas from Arkansas. The man grabbed a gun hidden in his car and shot Eizember as they tried to escape.

Several Angelina and Polk County deputies testified in the week-long trial, along with a local FBI agent.

Angelina County sheriff's captain Tony Galloway said, "He was found guilty on two counts of kidnapping - one for Mr. Peebles and his wife - a count of using a firearm during the kidnapping, and a count of hijacking the vehicle that they were in."

Earlier this year, an Oklahoma jury sentenced Eizember to death for the murder of an Oklahoma man, and 150 years for killing the man's wife. A judge is expected to sentence him this week on the kidnapping charges.