Burn Ban Will Not Affect Fireworks Season

Fireworks season starts December 20th. Although a burn ban is still in effect for Angelina County, shooting fireworks will be allowed. But remember, the ground is dangerously dry.

Sheriff Kent Henson said, "No, we're not going to ban fireworks because it'd take approximately 60 days to put a ban on the fireworks. Right now, there is a burn ban going. We've had a lot of fires; [our deputies have] answered numerous calls on grass fires."

Part of the ground is wet because of recent rain, but last week's freeze and low humidity caused the grass to dry out.

"We're asking everyone not to do any outside burning at all. And if you're going to shoot the fireworks, use caution wherever you're going to shoot them because if you are the cause of a fire and it does get out [of control], you can and will be filed on."

Depending on the amount of damage and destruction, you could pay several thousand dollars in fines for starting a fire, especially if precious timber, like oak and pine trees, is destroyed.

Shooting fireworks in most city limits is against the law. If you fire them in rural areas, be careful not to aim them at bystanders. Also, avoid brushy areas where fires can quickly spread.