The Holiday Blues

If you are feeling a little blue around the holidays, just know you are not alone.

Dr. Sid Epperson, a licensed psychologist, said, "It is actually very common. During this time of year, people seem to remember, really good memories of childhood and experiences around the holiday. Others remember losses, people that have died, bad things that have happened in the year, and in the previous years. So, it brings up a lot of those memories that can be difficult to deal with."

Dr. Epperson says dealing with the emotions that comes with the holidays, like the stress of shopping and spending the money, or the depression of feeling lonely, can be helped.

"Watch the people that are around you, your co-workers, family members, people that are kind of withdrawing. Check in on them, check for things that are out of character and let them know that you care," Dr. Epperson said.

The holidays can be overwhelming, but Dr. Epperson's advice is to take it one day at a time.