Nissan Mercer Gives Back to a Non-Profit Agency

Red Cross volunteers are used to helping East Texans in need, but Tuesday, they were on the receiving end of a very generous donation.

Mercer Nissan in Lufkin donated a 2005 Nissan Quest to the agency. The presentation was in honor of the Red Cross' ongoing service in Lufkin and the Gulf states.

After hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Mercer family noticed the Red Cross needed access to vehicles to transport emergency supplies and volunteers.

Mercer Nissan co-owner, Robin Mercer, said, "We knew that they needed that help. In fact, we spent many a day moving people back and forth carting supplies and transporting meals on their behalf, and so we thought it'd be really nice if they had a new vehicle that could transport all of that."

Mercer Nissan partnered with Nissan North America to make the donation.