Employees Evacuate While Business Burns

Firestone employees were only at work a few hours Tuesday when the fire broke out.

"The alarm went off, we looked up, there was a fire," said Ramiro DeLeon.

All eight employees were able to get out of the building safely. They were also able to save their customers' cars.

"We had a little trouble getting the vehicles out, but we got them all out," DeLeon said. "There [were] four vehicles in the shop."

Investigators aren't completely sure how the fire started, but they have an idea.

Battalion Chief David Cross said, "It's looking like it's probably a furnace. They lit it this morning for the first time."

Hours after the blaze, there were still several hot spots inside the store because of what was inside.

"That was one of the hazards of it," said Chief Cross. "The tires carry a lot of weight along that platform that they were on."

No one got hurt, but there was a lot of damage inside the building. The cars that were being serviced before the blaze were quickly and safely towed away.

It took about an hour to get the fire under control.