Gas Prices on the Way Up

Gas prices in the range of $2.17, $2.18, and $2.19 are now common around East Texas. That is better than the $2.99 from earlier this year, but still much higher than the $1.99, customers recently paid.

Linda Brooks, of Moscow, said, "I find it kind of odd that the prices are going up again during the holiday season."

Several area drivers are not happy about gas prices going up again, especially now, during the holiday season.

Joe Hagan, of Nacogdoches, said, "To protect Americans, so that they can travel during the holiday season to see families, I think gas prices shouldn't go up until the first of the year."

Many customers say they can handle where the gas prices are now. But, if prices continue going up, they might have to make changes.

Customers know they don't have much choice. If you want to drive, you have to pay the price.