Boxing Program Teaching Kids Discipline

by Larry Little

The day at the Lufkin Boys and Girls club starts with a few situps, and then the children put on their boxing gloves and headgear before stepping into the ring. The club started the boxing program about six months ago to help children with anger and discipline problems.

Organizers say the children get in the ring to become better boxers but they leave the ring with better attitudes. "A lot of the kids had anger problems. This teaches displine and keeps them out of trouble. One man said it's hard to pull a knife or shoot a gun with boxing gloves on, so it is a positive program for the kids," says Patrick Sanders.

Boys and Girls Club Director Patrick Sanders saw positive results immediately. 'Those who had problems with anger,I've seen their grades come up. Those who had weight problems, I've seen them lose a lot of weight and now see a smile on their face. They just can't wait for boxing time", say Sanders.

The children are being trained by former boxer and pro football player Elvis Franks.