The Job Outlook for 2006

If you look around the Workforce Solutions office these days, you will notice it is pretty empty. There are many reasons for that.

Melony Brown, with Workforce Solutions, said, "It's around the holidays and people just aren't looking. They are getting into the season and aren't actively looking."

Others are desperately looking for a job.

Charles Reynolds, an 18-year-old, said he is looking for roofing work, and it is really hard to find anything around this time. He says everyone is off for the holidays.

The holidays make it difficult for some people to find work.

The long term job outlook for East Texas is positive. Substantial employment growth is expected here in 2006.

Brown said they are told that there will be a lot of businesses coming to town, so there will be a lot of service jobs needed.

There are jobs available. The employees at Workforce Solutions say the key is to keep looking, and to not give up.