Cold Case Gets Attention in Houston County

There are many unsolved crimes and disappearances in Houston County. Now, authorities are better prepared to solve them.

After years of trying to keep up with tips on murders and mysteries, a new Crimestoppers office officially opened Thursday in Crockett.

Coordinator James Ashworth said, "There's a lot of unsolved cases. There's a lot of warrants that hadn't been served. We can't find the people and we're hoping that Crimestoppers will help us find them."

Around this time five years ago, 32-year-old Dina Shoemake vanished from the tiny town of Latexo. Now, Crimestoppers is offering an unprecedented reward for information leading to her location and positive identification.

Daphne Hereford, vice chairman, said, "Generally, Crimestoppers will offer a thousand dollar reward, but the Houston County Crimestoppers board felt this case was of extreme importance and wanted to do everything they could to help law enforcement bring this case to a solution."

Shoemake is 5'2", weighs about 135 pounds, and has green eyes and dark curly hair.

"Details regarding the case can't be released at this time because it may affect the outcome of the case," said Hereford.

County leaders also unveiled the new Crimestoppers website and proclaimed December 15, 2005 Crimestoppers Day throughout Houston County.

The Crimestoppers office is on North Sixth Street in Crockett. It's located near the police station and fire department.

If you have information on Dina Shoemake or a tip on any other case, call (936) 545-TIPS or go to .