Authorities Wrap Up After Gun Raid

by Donna McCollum

We have an update on a raid that happened Wednesday at a Nacogdoches business. Property owner Don Beck was back at the 59 Motel, buying recycled cans. He tells us he regrets that his business was raided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Agents confiscated an assortment of 26 guns. They suspect Beck may have be buying and selling firearms illegally.

On Thursday, police put junk car notices on some of Beck's vehicles. Other city departments are researching if Beck is in violation of other city codes. City planner Aron Kulhavy said, "Our process takes a little longer because we have to make sure that we follow all of those legal requirements of city codes and state codes."

Overnight and the following morning after the raid, three 59 Motel residents moved out after hearing the city will be shutting off the motel's water and electricity. City leaders later backed off on the urgency. They said on Thursday they would have made allowances for tenants.