Natural Gas Outage in Tenaha

Telephone calls began to pour into the Tenaha City Hall when folks noticed they couldn't cook or didn't have heat Thursday morning. "We started getting calls at about 8:30 this morning, people saying they have no gas, they've lost their gas service," says Mayor George Bowers.

The phones were also ringing at CenterPoint Energy. "We started getting calls early this morning from customers in the Tenaha area. They were experiencing low pressure. We started checking and quickly found out there was [a] loss of pressure feeding the city of Tenaha", say District Manager Fred Carl.

The gas outage was caused when liquid got into a gas pipeline. Folks at CenterPoint Energy are not sure how it happened, but it was an inconvenience for businesses and schools. Schools stayed open, but they had to make special arrangements for lunch. "It was really a fairly normal day. The kids weren't really aware of the problem. We had peanut butter and crackers for lunch. It was kind of a treat because it was different, but it was fairly normal," says Principal Ginger Tannery.

CenterPoint Energy is working through Thursday night to restore gas services.