Amber McEntire Is Pregnant

Amber McEntire is pregnant again. McEntire is in jail charged with injuring her son. Harold Harris, 22-months old was found in early November dead in the woods near their home last month in Nacogdoches County. She could eventually be charged with his death.

She's being held in jail with no bond pending a hearing in District Court. Darrel Yates III is facing the same charges. He's believed to be the father of the baby Amber is expecting now. The couple fled to Mexico while authorities searched for Harold's body. They were arrested in early December near the Texas/Mexico border.

Amber McEntire and Harold lived with her parents almost up to the time of their disappearance. The McEntires are angry with their daughter and miss their grandson. Doug McEntire says it disturbs him and and his wife that Amber talks about the baby she's carrying, but says very little about Harold.

The grieving man talked about whether or not his daughter deserves to be a mother of any child. "Right now I guess I would have to be in the 'no' camp. She really shouldn't. Somehow, somewhere she did something almost unforgivable, if not unforgivable."

McEntire said his daughter is about four months pregnant. They don't know the sex of the child. McEntire said he has not thought seriously about who will take care of his daughter's new baby if she goes to prison. He said it would be difficult for him to look after the baby knowing the circumstances.

The county is providing medical care for McEntire. The state will provide for newborns born during a jail sentence.