East Texas Family is Without a Home

The holidays will be difficult for Jesse Overturf-Thorndike and her grandson Johnnie because they are without a place to call home. "Everything I own, every stitch of my clothes, all of my medicine, all of my picture albums, and a thousand dollars was between the mattresses, says Thorndike.

Sunday evening she tried to recover what's left of her home. "It's like a member of your family died. I know there are things that can be replace but are things that can not be replace, says Thorndike.

Many memories went up in smoke when an electrical fire started in the Huntington home. The entire home suffered fire, smoke, and water damage. The home is a total loss, but this grandma's first thought is to get back on her feet for her two grandchildren. "We got to put our kids through school. So we will do the best we can to put them back in a home".

Though Jessie is without a home going into the holidays, she considers it a gift her family is safe. I thank God we came out of it with as much as we did and our lives. My heart is broken for my kids. My heart is broke for me, but it could have been a whole lot worse.

The family is living with relatives in Huntington.