Sleeping Homeowner Escapes Lufkin House Fire

Christmas is still a few days away, but the holidays are already over for one Lufkin family. They're now homeless after their house went up in flames Monday morning.

It only took about 30 minutes to put out the fire, but it completely destroyed the inside of an old, wood frame home.

Fire Marshal Duane Freeman said, "It's an older home with solid wood walls and interior and exterior, and it takes a little while to get through those wooden walls and get the fire extinguished."

Firefighters said the blaze started in the back of the home. They're investigating what may have caused it. It's something that's tragic, but common, this time of year.

"There was one person at home," said Freeman. "He was asleep, and a neighbor observed the smoke and woke him up. He was able to get out without any injuries, so no one was injured in the fire. At this point, we don't know what the cause is. We've still got to get in there and do some additional looking and investigation."

Neighbors said the man who lived there had plans to vacation in Mexico over the holidays. It was a homecoming he was looking forward to, but may now have to postpone until he can find a new home here.