Perry Files for Re-Election

Governor Rick Perry has officially filed for re-election at Republican Party of Texas headquarters.

"I am running for Governor because I am proud of Texas, and I want future generations to be proud of Texas, too," said Texas' 47th Governor.  "I want the Texas of tomorrow to be a place where jobs and opportunity are even more abundant than today, where lower property taxes make the dream of homeownership available to all and where families are strong, and successful schools challenge evey child to achieve."

Perry said that he had been looking forward to filing for re-election and that he relished the chance to once again lead the republican ticket to victory.  He noted that in recent years Texas has become one of the top states in America for job creation, employment has soared to an all-time high, sweeping lawsuit reforms are protecting jobs and improving healthcare and billions of new dollars are flowing into public education.

Pledging to run a "vigorous and spirited campaign," Perry said he intended to launch a 12-stop statewide announcement tour beginning in January.

Perry is expected to face State Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn in th G-O-P primary and author/musician Kinky Friedman as an Independent.

"As Governor Perry asks for four more years, voters tell me they can't think of one thing he has done for them over the last five years," Strayhorn said.  "Perry hasn't earned another term in office.  He's done the best he could, but his best is not good enough for Texas.  Under Perry the state's budget has increased $40 billion, that's 41 percent.  A Strayhorn administration will make children and education its top priorities, and will deliver property tax cuts."

Candidates must officially declare their intentions by January 2, 2006.