Home Ownership Doesn't Have to be a Dream

After eight years in public housing, Willie Moye is finally a home owner. She always wanted her own home, but didn't always believe it would happen.

"I was low income and disabled," Moye said. "Getting involved with the home ownership program has made me able to reach my goal and I'm so happy, because without it, it wouldn't be possible."

Just a few months ago, Moye was renting a small house. Now, she is the first Angelina County resident to become a home owner through DETCOG's Section 8 Home Ownership program.

"The time frame basically depends upon the tenant's commitment and dedication to the program," said Darwin Wade, home ownership coordinator. "They have to save money, increase their income, repair credit issues. It basically determines how long they will be in this process."

Moye said with hard work and determination, anyone can become a homeowner with a little help.

"That was my priority - saving and cutting back on my expenses and budgeting myself," Moye said. "Since I have learned to do that well, I think being a homeowner will be no problem for me."

To qualify for DETCOG's home ownership program, you have to be a Section 8 voucher holder, meet income guidelines, and have decent credit. Clients must also be either employed, elderly or disabled.

Voucher holders can choose any home that's up for sale as long as it's affordable for them. More than 3,000 applicants are on the waiting list to get a Housing Choice voucher. They'll be able to rent an apartment or house in the private market or get assistance with a mortgage.