High School Basketball Player Collapses On Court... Later Dies

A 16-year-old boy is dead after collapsing Tuesday afternoon during a basketball game in East Texas. It happened during a game in Hudson.

Larry Prentice, a player from Bullard High School, collapsed while another player was shooting free throws. Nurses at the game tried to revive him after he showed no signs of a pulse.

Prentice was taken by ambulance to Woodland Heights hospital in Lufkin where he was pronounced dead.

The death of such a young person is hitting family members, teammates classmates, and the Bullard community hard.

One of Larry's teammates tells us the news of Larry's death is hard to believe.

"It just kind of like stunned me at first, I kept having to repeat it to myself, like, making it register. Because, it didn't register. As soon as he said it everyone went like, 'ohhh' in the room... and we prayed immediately after. His youth pastor was there, and prayed for us... for his family." says teammate Ryan Hamilton.

A Bullard teacher says the death is especially hard for such a small community.

"It's a small district, we're very close knit and tight, they play football and basketball, and all the other sports together. They're in classes together they eat lunch together, it's going to be... it's a great loss, it's going to leave a deep, deep void in the high school and in the whole community." says 8th grade math teacher Gwenda Hamilton.

It is still not known what caused Larry Prentice to collapse Tuesday afternoon.