East Texas Marine Finds Explosives

by Larry Little

As a child, Jarrell Jones dreamed of being a Marine. "He's said he was going in the Marines as a kid. He's always wanted to go into the Marines," says Mary Fougeron.

One year ago, that dream came true. Now he's serving in Iraq. Family members keep in touch by e-mail, but admit they worry about him. "He couldn't handle if he got injured and he came home, you know. If he lost an arm or leg, that would be horrible for him. It'd be different for us as long as he just comes back alive," says Mary Fougeron.

Recently, the 22-year-old Marine Combat Engineer stumbled on lots of insurgent weapons and explosives while patrolling in Iraq. According to a Marine Corps publication, it's one of the military's biggest finds. "It like to scared me to death because I read he tripped over something metal, but I read the rest and it was okay," says his grandmother.

Jones' family is excited and proud not only for their soldier but all soldiers making a difference in the world. "Soldiers are not only from Lufkin, but all around. This is just one time a Lufkin boy did it," say his uncle Bobbie Napier.