More Grass Fires After Burn Bans Lifted

by Larry Little

Dry ground and grass fires in East Texas are causing a headache for firefighters. "We've had a burn ban since December 6th. They just lifted it, and we are starting to see more grass fires now," says Joe Burton.

Burton says since the burn ban was lifted East Texas, firefighters are getting calls because folks aren't following simple safety precautions. "If they just don't leave the fire unattended and keep the water hose there with it, just don't let it get out [of control], and don't burn on windy days," says Burton.

Friday afternoon, firefighters fought a large grass fire on Benton Road in Angelina County. The fire threatened several nearby homes, but firefighters arrived before it was too late. Burton understands East Texans are trying to clean up from Hurricane Rita, but he urges everyone to use caution.

"Everybody's got debris left over from the hurricane, and everybody is trying to get their yards cleaned up. You can't blame them for wanting to burn. They just need to use good judgement on when and how they burn," says Burton.