Last Day for Bell Ringers

by Larry Little

The Salvation Army is always there to help those in need but, this year, a greater need created a challenge for Salvation Army Captain Maldanado. "We help throughout the year, but this year has been challenging for all of us because of the different hurricanes we have been hit with," says Captain Maldanado.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita drained the charity financially, so they depended on their bell ringing kettle fundraiser to get them out of the red. "This program will help us carry on through all the year because it is the only time for us to do this fundraising", says Captain Maldanado.

Saturday evening was the last day for the bell ringing at East Texas stores. Captain Maldanado is pleased because East Texans stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for those in need. "Angelina county has been fantastic, and we thank God for all the donations to the Salvation Army via bell ringing."