Soldier Surprises Mom for Christmas

Earlier this week, vandals destroyed Christmas decorations in Connie Wells' yard. "The vandals cut all of the Christmas decorations people had in their yards", says Connie.

Connie refused to let vandals dampen her Christmas spirit, but her son, Army Sergeant Tyson Wells, being in Iraq for Christmas made her sad. "I was wishing for my son to be back from Iraq. In 2003, he was in Afghanistan, and we didn't have Christmas with him, and it was going to be sad", says Connie.

Family members did everything they could to make Connie's wishes come true. "We got a Santa suit to surprise his mom", says Joe Wells.

They invited Santa to their home, but he was supposed to be taking pictures with their grandchild. Connie received the surprise of her life when Santa revealed he was a fake. It was actually her son, Army Sergeant Tyson Wells. "My girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to dress up like Santa and give them a surprise for Christmas", says Tyson. Sergeant Wells will also celebrate New Year's Day with his family. He returns to Iraq on January 7th.