Family Receives a Christmas Miracle

Beaumont evacuee Jesus Deleon is a single father of three teenagers. He's a handyman by trade. He's been able to find work and a home in Lufkin but the Christmas holiday looked dim for the family. Jesus came to the Salvation Army to ask for a couch that's been sitting in front of the thrift store for sometime, but he left with much more. When Salvation Army Captain Maldanado arrived at his home he noticed the children didn't have bare necessities or Christmas gifts. "The Salvation Army got me some Christmas presents for my kids, they helped us with some beds and some groceries. I know God is watching over us", says Jesus.

"Our job is to identify the need and meet the need", says Salvation Army Captain Maldanado.

Though Jesus' pay checks barely get him by from month to month his faith won't allow him to give up. "God has been good to us, the people of Lufkin have been good to us. I just want to work and take care of my babies", says Jesus.

The Salvation Army took care of the Deleon family who were content on not exchanging gifts on Christmas. They received an Xbox game. Jesus tried to move back to Beaumont months ago but decided Lufkin would be better for his children.