Questions About the Medicare Program?

by Jessica Cervantez

Paul Small, of Lufkin, attended Tuesday's informational seminar. He gives advice to others who don't know much about the program.

"Get in touch with reps and talk to several before making a decision," Small said.

He, too, had a lot of questions, but left with answers. The number one question involves the variation of cost between the 21 programs that Texans can choose.

Ed Booth, also of Lufkin, said he now understands why some programs are higher than others. One program that costs more pays for all of his medicines, while another may not pay for all his medicines.

Representatives from several plans were on hand to help East Texans find the best deal.

Tammy Lawson, who is a regional director for Senior Pair Plans, said, "Each plan is unique. Just make sure the right drugs are available on the plan."

Booth said, "My drug bills ran $500 to $600 a month. With this program, [the bill] runs $166 a month."

Health insurance specialist Brenda Denman says these plans can help you save money.

Denman said, "If they have someone helping with prescription drug coverage or not, they will save a lot of money. If they don't have coverage, they will save at least 50% on coverage."