EMS Responders Take Driving Course

Every year, EMS medics like Chris McGinnis must run through a driving course and, they say, it's more difficult than it looks.

McGinnis said, "It keeps your skills sharp."

A lot of times, they have to react quickly when trying to get to an emergency.

Forrest King, the operations manager, said, "The general public doesn't always know what they're supposed to do when we drive with our sirens and lights on. Sometimes, they do crazy things like stopping right in front of us."

Trainers of the course say, while you're only going 25 mph, it feels like you are going 65 mph, because of the short distance.

It is not easy to avoid knocking down cones. But, by learning the best ways to react, the training can help the emergency responders avoid danger in real life.

The Nacogdoches County EMS team, volunteers, and first responders all take part in the training.