A Veteran Gets Help

by Larry Little

Vietnam veteran James Bonnell is also a hurricane evacuee who left Mississippi, running from Hurricane Katrina. He's been on the road ever since. For the past four months, James has been living in a van, until it broke down in Lufkin.

The folks at Texas Pride Towing & Recovery received a call to pick up Bonnell's broken down van. When they arrived, they found a disabled veteran in need of clothes, food, water, and a place to stay. They bought food for Bonnell and placed him in a hotel overnight.

"We don't want to see anyone in need, but when it comes to the fighting veterans of this country, they hold a special place, because without those people willing to make a sacrifice for our freedom..." said Casper Ray of Texas Pride.

Bonnell isn't sure where he will go next, but he'll never forget the help he received in Lufkin. "I have never been treated like this by anybody. These people are wonderful. Look what they have done. They bought me clothes. I had to abandon my clothes in Biloxi," Bonnell said.

The Disabled American Veterans organization in Lufkin is hoping to provide some assistance for Bonnell.