Don't Drink and Drive

Law enforcement agencies says they are expecting a busy New Year's weekend.

Greg Sanches, of the Department of Public Safety, said, "Somewhere around the state and in East Texas, it's sad to say, but there will be fatalities."

Officers are finding more people are aware about the consequences of drunk driving than in the past, but they know people will continue to do it. One of their biggest worries is what they call "amateur drinkers."

Sanches said, "These are people who don't drink at all, except every once in awhile, and they may not have had much to drink, but they shouldn't be behind the wheel."

Troopers and other law enforcement agencies will be out in full force this New Year's Eve, making sure drivers are obeying the laws. They will be targeting drunk drivers, and a DWI can cost thousands of dollars.

Sanches said, "For the first time, a DWI can be a felony if there's a child under the age of 15-years-old in the car, if someone gets seriously hurt, or if there's death. Now, that's a tragedy for both sides."