Potential Problems with Lifting Burn Bans

We are all familiar with the dangers of smoke from cigarettes but what you are burning in your yard is just as dangerous because you could be cutting off an East Texans' oxygen or even causing a traffic accident. After rainfall in East Texas Friday, the ground is wet and folks are already taking advantage of burn bans being lifted in most East Texas counties. But what you are burning could be hazardous to yourself or someone else. "You do need to be considerate of your neighbors if you have some people living around you that are not healthy. You may want to consider not burning," says Joe Burton.

"Normally it will bother someone on oxygen, because it restricts your airways," says Candi Nall.

Nall depends on an oxygen tank to help her breathe. She fears if a lot of East Texans decide to burn it may create a smokeout that could cut off oxygen for folks with respiratory problems. "It could kill you. You have to be able to breathe enough oxygen to keep you alive," says Candi.

Heavy smoke in East Texas can also cause problems for drivers, especially when the smoke flows into traffic. "Don't burn next to the roadway, the highway, or the street. The smoke could blow across the highway and enter the vision of the folks driving and cause an accident," says Burton.

The bottom line is know your surroundings before you burn. Remember it is illegal to burn in the Lufkin city limits. Violators could be fined up to $500.