Youth Leadership Program

Judge Cox and the NAACP started the African American leadership program five years ago. It's a program to make sure all children, not only African American children, are a product of society and not a problem to society. Every year thousands of men and women are sent to prison for criminal behavior. But members of the African American leadership program are hoping to influence behavior at an early age. "The kids are the future and we need to help promote the kids and encourage them to have a dream, have a goal, make goals," says John Morrison.

"It is a wonderful time to see these kids eyes light up when they get to meet with professionals," says Judge Cox. Saturday young adults in East Texas were entertained by several local journalist. The children did some entertaining of their own. Cox says there is a reason he gets involved in the lives of the youth. "I'd much rather see them here than in my courtroom," says Cox.

The African American leadership program didn't end without recognizing NAACP president John Morrison who is in an uphill battle with cancer for his commitment to deep East Texas.