East Texas Church's Superbowl Party

Hopefully the team you were pulling for won but we all know it's not about the game. It's really about the superbowl party and folks at the First Assembly of God church in Lufkin saw the football crazed evening as the perfect opportunity for fun and fellowship. Sunday night football fans sat on the edge of their seats at the church, cheering on their favorite team. The football fans disagreed on who the winner of the game would be, but they agreed their superbowl party was an alternative that Christian families can enjoy. "We want to create an atmosphere of Christianity and let people know Christ is happy with us having fun", says Eva Walker. "I think for too long we have said Christianity can't be fun, when the truth is we ought to have fun and we ought to have fellowship", says Pastor Salagaj.

Folks at the Lufkin First Assembly of God censored some of the commercials and the half time show. "We don't show the half time show because we had wardrobe malfunctions", says Walker.

No wardrobe malfunctions at their party, just a lot of Christian fun and fellowship.