College For Texans

A new program is up and running this week to help Texans who want to pursue a higher education. "College for Texans" is offering assistance and financial information about colleges and universities in Texas.

Peggy Southall with College for Texans says, "A lot of people overestimate the cost of college and they think that they don't qualify for finical aid, when in reality they do. So we want people not to be discouraged by the process. We want them to complete the forms, send it in and get enrolled in college this fall."

About four-billion dollars in financial aid money is available to Texans every year but a lot of that money doesn't get used because people don't know how to get it.  You can get more information at

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board says college minority enrollment is not keeping up with population growth in Texas and they're trying to increase those numbers.