Complementary Medical Coverage Available to Employers

Alternative health care is becoming more mainstream. Now, the state has made it possible for more employers to offer their workers coverage at a low cost.

Complementary and alternative health plan coverage is now available to employers in Texas. Many companies haven't been able to get coverage through traditional health insurers.

Acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and dietetic counseling are considered non-traditional health care methods, but these are all popular treatments in East Texas.

Linda Alvey, D.C. of Alvey Family Chiropractic said, "Most of the things we hear from patients are right away; it's pain relief and then they have, basically, less muscle tension. They sleep better, they have more energy. They can tell that their body's beginning to balance out again."

American Specialty Health is the nation's leading complementary health care organization. The state has granted the group approval to offer insurance directly to employers.

Researchers with ASH found 36 percent of consumers use some sort of complementary or alternative health service and many pay for it out of their own pockets because they don't have insurance coverage.