Mom Loses Son to Road Rage

The tears are visible as Betty Neese reminisces about her 43-year-old son Michael. He was killed in a road rage accident in California back in December.

Neese said, "Evidently, one driver was backing out of a parking space and the other almost hit him. I guess they honked at each other and then there was an obscene gesture and that started the rage."

Her son was blocks away, standing by his truck at his girlfriend's house, when he was hit.

Neese said, "These two men had been road raging or racing for two and a half blocks or more. When they got very near where my son was standing, one of them raced his engine, and when he did, he lost control and hit my son. My son was caught between the car and the truck."

45-minutes later Michael was dead. The two men were both arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Neese said, "How intolerant we are, so what, so what if someone makes a stupid gesture, is that worth a life?, is it worth going to prison for?"

Road rage problems like this also happen right here in East Texas. If you find yourself in this type of situation, you should call law enforcement.

Dept. of Public Safety Trooper Greg Sanches said, "Report that and we'll try to get a trooper out there as soon as we can."

Neese said, "If by what I'm saying, just one person is spared, or one driver is made aware, it's worth it."

Neese says her son did not know the two suspects. He was just an innocent bystander.