Gas Boom!! - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

02/10/06 - Nacogdoches

Gas Boom!!

by Donna McCollum

Randall Jinkins, John Patterson and Phillip Foshee. Three East Texans who are building a reputation in the oil and gas business and enjoying being in the right place at the right time. Jenkins said, "Two years ago we pooled our knowledge and resources and formed JPF Land Services. At that point we had nine people working for us. Now we have about 115."

They are the contract title researchers, lease buyers and surface right people. They do the field work needed to land the big money making deals for property owners and major gas companies. Foshee said, "I think every county in East Texas is full of landmen doing work for various companies. The demand is so high for natural gas and oil that every county is out looking for prospects."

The landmen say today's boom is even bigger than the last one they experienced back in 1980. Patterson said, "It looks like no end to what we've started doing here. As long as the gas prices remain high, activity keeps going, I don't know where the end is."

Oil and gas is like the lottery. You never now when your luck will run out. Jinkins won't go out on a limb. "It's hard to say. The business is very cyclical in nature. We see ourselves busy here for the next couple of years anyway. It could last longer than that, but one phone call could bring it all to an end."

These men don't want that call. In year's past they've had to hunt drilling activity in far away states . They're pleased to know prospects are right here at home.

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