Heavy Rainfall Worries

Heavy rain fell across East Texas Friday creating waterfalls and ponds in some front yards. Ralph Squyres welcomed the rain. "We needed the rain. I was glad to see the rain.   Just as long as we don't get an abundance of it," says Ralph Squyres.

Ralph feared too much rain would flood his home as it has done many times in the past. "The last time it flooded I had about a foot of water in this house, I had to completely remodel," says Squyres.

Folks living in this low lying area on Reen street in Lufkin would like to see the city do more to stop the flooding. "They have done a lot to of work around here to help control it. I think there is some more to do.  They need some retention ponds back up here somewhere," says Squyres.

Ralph feels lucky this time because the rain tapered off before flooding his home. But now folks in East Texas are now getting ready for cold temperatures this weekend. "We have plenty of firewood from the hurricane, so we're are ready. We can sit inside and keep our house warm,"said Sue Eddings.

Temperatures are expected to get warmer this Wednesday.