Club Shooting Victim Laid to Rest

Most folks will remember Germaine Barnes for his tragic death outside of a Nacogdoches county nightclub but family members say there was so much more to this young man's life that ended too soon. One week ago today Germaine Barnes was spending quality time with his family . Saturday afternoon family members sat looking at his coffin, trying to understand his tragic death. "This is a hard day, a real hard day. I thought I would never have to do it, but we all have to go through it," says Jacqueline Sterns.

Jacqueline Sterns' first born was gunned downed last Sunday at club La Boom in Nacogdoches County. Four men are behind bars facing murder charges and two other shooting victims remain in serious condition at a Nacogdoches hospital. "It breaks my spirit, but it is an awareness that we as a community, as individuals are not pouring enough back into our youth," said Willma Clark.

In this family's darkest hour, they are pouring out love for the accused men. "It's hard somebody killed him like that. It hurts deep inside but I forgive who ever done it," says Germaine's brother, Lester Lewis. "I've forgiven him. I want to see him and let him know I forgive him. Even after I heard about it, even when I didn't know who it was I said lord bless that child, what he's going through. Even now I don't want him to have to go through anything, but I know law enforcement sees differently. I've forgiven him in my heart," says Sterns.