East Texas Soldier Returns from Iraq

by Larry Little

The Ainsworth family tied a yellow ribbon on a tree in front of their home with hopes their Marine would someday return. This weekend, their wishes came true. "It is wonderful having him home. I feel like God took care of him for us," says Johnie Ainsworth.

Lance Corporal Adam Ainsworth was in Iraq for seven months. Now home for some R&R, Ainsworth says Iraq isn't anything like home. "It's not East Texas. It's not East Texas at all," Adam says.

Though Christmas was nearly two months ago, the Ainsworth's home is still decorated because they were waiting on their gift, Lance Corporal Ainsworth. "One of the presents I gave him last night is the money I would have spent on a ticket to go see him. And, too, he had missed two birthdays and Christmas, so I gave him more this year," says Johnie.

"It was great to be able to have Christmas here. I had to miss it because I was in Iraq, so they kept it all for me. I opened my presents last night. It was a good feeling," says Adam.