Nacogdoches Third Grade Class Takes Their School Newspaper Online

by Jessica Cervantez

A third grade class at Raguet Elementary has been working hard on their online paper, "The Lion's Den."

Alexis Lassiter, a third grader and the editor of the paper, said, "I have to make sure that everyone is on task and doing what they are supposed to and not playing around."

Spoken like a true editor. The class is busy trying to make their deadline for their next publishing.

Brandie Cain-Heard, the gifted and talented and enrichment teacher, said, "They have taken this and just run with it, they now know more about computers than their teachers do."

They write about sports, entertainment, and style. One reporter is writing about "jeans."

Chloe Skidmore, a reporter, said, "The day I thought about this, I was wearing jeans, and I thought about how comfortable they were."

But, it is definitely a team effort, from copy writers to poets, everyone has a job.

Nate Wyatt, the poet of the class, said, "I like writing the poems and I have lots of fun."

Derrick Barnes, the copy editor, said, "I check to see if they have any mistakes and I write poems.."

Lisa Guyen, who is one of the photographers, said, "I like to get around the school and take pictures and write stories about them."

Mrs. Cain-Heard believes the "Lion's Den" might be the only online newspaper from third graders in the state, something the students take a lot of pride in.

Lassiter said, "We just work really really hard, and we absolutely know what we're doing and when our deadline is."