Valentine's Day Crosses Generations

You may call it puppy love, but raging 8th grade hormones makes a Val-O-Gram booth at Mike Moses Middle School all the rage. Young girls and boys stand in line with dollar bills held tightly in their nervous hands. For some of them buying a telegram for a 'special' someone is a first time venture into romance.

However for the two girls behind the booth it's merely a step up from chasing boys on the kindergarten playground. Hanna Sowards said she's always noticed boys. Her advice for girls needing to buy for a boy is , "Cologne. It smells really good. It's a perfect gift because they always smell bad." Her advice to the boys is you can't go wrong with, "Flowers, yes flowers. Give them 11 roses and one fake one and tell them that they'll love you till the last one dies."

Apparently a lot of men are at least on the right track. At Nacogdoches Floral Co. two semi-trailers are full of flowers ready for a February 14 delivery. Karl Kerr estimated, "We're gonna have probably around between 500 and 800 deliveries tomorrow." Inside florists stay busy putting roses and carnations in vases. Others take the phone orders from panicked husbands and boyfriends. "We've had hundreds and hundreds, and that's just today. There will be so many more tomorrow, said one clerk.

Yet on the college quad hugs will be found, but the SFA drum line is selling out on t shirts that explicitly shame St. Valentine. Christopher Barnes said, "We're just a bunch of men and we don't like to spend money and it's a corporate holiday and we just figured why not just say Valentine's Day S----."

Oh, the middle school girls would not approve. Eighth grader Emily Auxier resembles an American Idol singer as she practices her solos for tomorrow's singing telegrams. "Two in love can make it, take my heart and please don't break it. Love was made for me and you," she sang out. A love tune that could be heard in the love nest of Welton Ard Junior and his wife of 8 years. Ard, holding a red teddy bear, said, "A wife is an important part of life. You share moments with each other. That's the love of my life anyway."

Chivalry may be alive yet. We hope your significant other brings you a Valentine message that flutters your heart.