Man Accidentally Shot by V.P. Had a Heart Attack

A Texas lawyer badly hurt during a weekend hunting trip with Vice President Dick Cheney had a mild heart attack Tuesday after some of the birdshot moved into his heart tissue.

Seventy-eight year-old Harry Whittington was hit in several places with pellets after Cheney accidentally fired a shotgun at him.

All hunters have what's called a Zone of Fire. It's their job to stay parallel with each other and always know where their fellow hunters are. It's also their responsibility to stay out of each other's Zone of Fire.

Human error is a common cause of hunting accidents. That's why it's so important for hunters to be prepared.

Wally Dunks, hunter education instructor, said, "Yes, it's dangerous, that's why you wear eye protection and hunter orange because accidents are gonna happen."

Protective gear like hunter orange, goggles, and ear muffs are a must out in the woods and around guns being fired, but there are several other common sense safety tips to follow.

"It's ultimately the shooter's responsibility - before he mashes that trigger - he knows what the target is, but also the reponsibility of that person not to approach that other Zone of Fire without communicating."

Before you start your hunt, have the right paperwork: a hunting license and the proper stamp for what you plan to shoot.

In 2004, there were 29 hunting accidents in Texas. Four of them were fatal.