Valentine Day Can Be Healthy

Red wine is Craig Poche's favorite. A pretty healthy choice for the liquor store owner. The love potion is filled with a stress relieving ingredient associated with warding off high blood pressure and heart disease. Of course, when used in moderation. When asked about his heart Poche responded, "My heart? Very well. I'm in love and so hey, the red wine is gonna do it."

And don't be afraid to top that romantic dinner off with chocolate. Those looking for a heart healthy sweet should choose dark chocolate, of course in moderation. It too has the heart healthy ingredient. Candy store owner, Tracy Epps said, "Not only does it make you have a happy heart, but it's also a healthy heart."

And just the act of giving can be healthy. Studies show those who are generous and thoughtful often live longer. So go ahead and splurge. "I'm getting my fiancé some roses," said one shopper. On his arm were two entwined red hearts with the names 'Dean' and 'Tab'. When asked about it, Dean said, "Oh, that was a mistake."

'Making Love Last a Lifetime' is a goal of a lot of couples, as seen by the success of a multi-week program with the same name. First United Methodist Church in Nacogdoches is hosting it. According to Pastor Dan Danheim working at a relationship can be extremely healthy. And what better time to address it than on Valentine's Day. "You tend to take your wives or husbands for granted and to have a time of the year where you really stop and think about it and maybe even talk to them about it is really a good and healthy thing to do." This is coming from someone who practices what he preaches. Danheim shared his Valentine secret for his wife. "Well, I'm writing her a love letter."