Most Dangerous Intersections

Lufkin officers stay busy patrolling the streets. But, three areas in particular make the top of the list when it comes to traffic fatalities. Last year, there were 6 deaths in city accidents. This year, there has already been one.

The first dangerous intersection is on the loop by the Fifth Wheel truck stop. A lot of accidents there involve 18-wheelers.

Alberto Ibarra, with the Lufkin police department, said, "Vehicles here are going back and forth, vehicles sometimes think they can make it across the intersection, but 18-wheelers cannot stop in time, because they have a lot of weight behind them."

Another intersection where a lot of accidents happen is Highway 59 and FM 819 by Angelina College. Crashes there are often caused by vehicles pulling out onto the highway into someone else's path.

Ibarra said, "When the lights turn green, make sure you don't have another vehicle coming, make sure it is clear."

Officers say a lot of times drivers are distracted, speeding, and not paying attention to the road. Those are all problems they see on Highway 59 and the loop near Applebee's.

Ibarra said, "People coming from the loop onto the on ramp, they need to yield and sometimes they don't and go into a lane of traffic. They are not aware that there is another car coming."

Crashes can happen anywhere. But, by making drivers aware of these potentially dangerous intersections, patrol officers hope to make Lufkin an even safer place to drive.