Songwriter Heading To Houston Rodeo

"Ok, Sancho. Lets see how you like this song," says songwriter-singer Shelley Anderson from the back of the one ton Longhorn steer. Anderson then breaks into song about a boy raising a show steer. All the while Sancho stands quietly appearing to enjoy the tune.

Anderson sought out Sancho and his owner Martha Morehart to clear up a few details about cattle punching. Anderson will perform her educational songs at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. She wants to be accurate. Anderson explained, "When I met with the Houston Rodeo they wanted something that was educational that talked with kids about the animals and what it's like being at the rodeo and what it means."

Anderson has never performed at a rodeo, but this all time grand and reserve champion show steer has been there, done that. Morehart said, "We've worked Sancho all over the US. At fairs, festivals, rodeos, many different events. We've had children 6 weeks old to little old ladies 83 years old set on Sancho. Congressmen and senators."

Morehart raised and trained the 8 year old steer since he was baby calf. When Morehart relocated to Lufkin from Ohio to take care of her ailing mother she had to bring Sancho along. "We are rarely separated," said Morehart. Anderson saw Sancho in a Christmas parade and knew right then she wanted a closer look.

Anderson is planning to write a song about Sancho. The steer's 69 inch horn spread and how he loves white bread as a treat will fuel Anderson's creativity. There may even be a book deal in the making. Both women recognize the educational benefits of agriculture. Morehart said, "Agriculture teaches respect for life and responsibility and it's a good wholesome environment for children. A lot of life lessons in livestock." Anderson said, "The most important thing is two reach those kids and connect the kids with the music." Music that Sancho seems to enjoy.

Anderson will perform each day of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo at the AgVenture Pavilion. Information about her c-d's and educational performances can be found at Sancho is available for all kinds of events. His owner can be reached at 936-637-1414 or 740-606-0062.