PSIs are Common in Angelina County Criminal Cases

Many criminals in Angelina County are sentenced after there's been a pre-sentence investigation. Information included in a PSI helps a judge decide how long an offender should spend in prison.

Attorney Ryan Deaton said, "It talks all about their background, their history, their family, their job history, and it gives the judge a very broad understanding of who that defendant is."

Frances Harrison hopes a petition and letters on behalf of her sister will influence Jimmy Davis' pre-sentence investigation. She wants to put the man who killed Sheila Buggs-Davis in prison for life.

"We're getting letters from our family members, her friends, from teachers, everybody in Huntington where we live, and people that knew her from other towns," Harrison said.

While testimony from victims' families can have an impact on how much time a convicted offender spends in prison, criminal history and testimony from the felon's family also carries weight.

Pre-sentence investigations in Angelina County are done by the adult probation department. They usually take about four to six weeks to complete.