Military Recruitment

It takes courage, honor, and commitment, to enlist in the military. Despite the War in Iraq, recruitment continues to be strong.

Staff Sgt. Bill Bianchini, of the Marines, said, "It really is been going very well, we haven't seen any hurts in Texas at all."

Recruiters were at Stephen F. Austin State University, talking to interested students. But, out of every ten potential candidates only about two make it past the screening process.

Bianchini said, "A lot of people definitely want to step up for their country. There is a lot of benefits there's 300 job occupations."

Teresa Johniken served during the Vietnam era. Now, she enjoys spending time with her grandchild. She says this war reminds her of Vietnam. She does not think recruiting is being affected, but she is afraid the war will last too long.

Johniken said, "If you are going to do something, do it, go in and go out and get home."

Military retention rates remain steady. And as recruits head overseas, family and friends back in the states, keep hoping the soldiers come home soon and safely.

Johniken said, "Keep your head down and come's hard to see these kids die."